Privacy Policy

Our order process is conducted by but not limited to online resellers like and FastSpring. When your order is processed by, is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Legally we're obliged to say that Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns, which they do if you reach out to them directly. However, feel free to contact us directly for all said matters.

To make sure Hedge works as promised we need to collect data. It ensures and improves quality. Without data we would be forced to conduct pricey and less effective research, which would result in a much higher price for you, the user.

Still, to us this feels as an undesirable situation. It's creepy. It's too easy nowadays to slip into the Land Of Gimme-All-Yer-Data, and make money off your data. So hereby we offer you a complete insight into what we think is the bare minimum of data needed.

We do not share raw data with anyone, ever. Period. We consider the data yours, and you give us a right to use that data by using Hedge.

Since we only store data to make your license work, an execution of your right to be forgotten implies that your license(s) has to be revoked, without a refund. To do so, simply reach out to and we will reply to you with 24 business hours. Our timezone is CET.

Policies need policing

If you think we use your or anyone's data in a wrongful way, or should be more stringent in how we use it, please let us know. We promise to be responsive, cooperative and open to suggestions.

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