Where should I store PostLab's caches?

In PostLab there are 3 categories of caches:

  1. Productions - Preferences > General > DEFAULT PRODUCTION LOCATION

  2. Drive - Preferences > Drive > CACHE LOCATION

  3. Your host NLE - Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro

Store these caches on a dedicated SSD or NVMe disk, whether internal or external over Thunderbolt 3/4.

In Final Cut Pro, set your Library's Cache to a folder outside your Library.

For Premiere Pro, if you're using Projects with PostLab Productions, PostLab creates Scratch Disks for you in the same folder where your Productions are cached (Preferences > General > DEFAULT PRODUCTION LOCATION).

Do not store PostLab's caches on:

  • A spinning disk or a RAID with spinning disks.

  • Solid-state hybrid drives (e.g. SSHD's or Fusion Drives).

  • Shared storage - network attached storage (NAS), a storage area network (SAN), or cloud storage (e.g. PostLab Drive).

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