Edu & Non-Profit

If you are attending a non-profit educational institute this year, you are eligible for a 30% discount on all our products. Email us proof of enrollment for this year (a .edu or domain also suffices) and we'll send you a personal coupon for the product you requested a discount for.


Educational discount for students is limited to the PostLab Solo yearly plan. If you're a student and need to use PostLab and/or Drive with a bunch of people, maybe for a project or in class, get us in touch with your teacher(s) so that we can sort it out directly with your school.


We have non-profit licenses available, email us for a custom order and include proof of non-profit status. Also list which products you require, and on how many computers you need them installed. If you are tax exempt because of your (non-EU) non-profit status, we either invoice you from Europe (tax exempt by definition) or you pay by credit card, which is processed by Paddle. After completion, Paddle then can process your tax exempt status and issue a partial refund.

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