Network Requirements

PostLab has its own list of Network Requirements available.

Most Hedge apps use and connect to LimeLM (wyday.com) for license management, which also serves as the backbone of the Hedge License Manager.

When something unexpected happens, we use Sentry for anonymized crash reporting. You'll be given the option to Send your report, we don't assume you will.

When you contact support via an in-app form, we bundle the relevant logs for investigative and diagnostic purposes. These are delivered to our team by Google's mail servers. If you have a firewall in place, to activate your license and use other services around our apps, make sure to allow these domains:

  • *.wyday.com

  • *.sentry.io

  • *.hedge.video

If you can't do wildcards in your firewall, specify...

  • account.hedge.video

  • updates.hedge.video

  • connect.hedge.video

IPs change all the time, so we can't specify those.

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