Project Licenses

Project Licenses are licenses with a limited lifespan, most often 30 days.

For which apps do you have Project Licenses available?

A 30-day Project License is available for OffShoot here. For other apps, reach out to us. For volume licensing of Project Licenses with other lifespans, also reach out.

How many activations does my Project License have?

Project Licenses can be activated on both macOS and Windows, but only on one machine at a time. If you need to move your license during its lifespan, deactivate it in-app or in the online License Manager to reuse it on another computer.

Upgrading a Project License to a Full License

After buying a Project License, what you spent on a project license counts towards a single seat license purchase. Reach out to us for a coupon if we haven't emailed you within 30 days of purchasing.

If you already bought a full license at full price, after having bought a Project License within the past three months, we'll either retroactively refund you the amount paid, or you can opt to add a year of free updates to your license, a 40% bonus. Project License credit can not be combined with other discounts or coupons.

Each Project license counts towards a single seat purchase. If you purchased multiple Project Licenses, you can reach out to us for a custom order for multiple seats. Say you purchased five projects licenses, that means you'll get a full credit when buying 5 seats of OffShoot. When buying only three seats, 3/5 of your spent funds are credited.

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