Extending Licenses

All Hedge desktop apps have perpetual licenses (project licenses barred) and include 12 months of free updates and support. Once bought, there's no subscription fee or compulsory upgrade fee, ever.

During the 12 months of free updates, each major and minor update is made available to you through in-app updates. Major versions typically come with new features, and minor versions have improvements and fixes.

After 12 months, your license continues to receive minor updates for the latest major version your license is eligible for. You can continue to use that version with the at that moment current version of macOS or Windows, for as long as you see fit.

When the next major is released it's possible to extend your license, which can be done in-app and in the License Manager. Extending a license enables your license for the major that is available at the time of purchase, plus all to-be-released updates 12 months in the future.

Due to Apple's yearly macOS upgrade cycle, it may happen your license doesn't support the new OS. With Hedge's commitment to release a compatible update on the day of Apple's release, each macOS release tends to cost us a lot of work. The amount differs each year. Based on how much effort it requires, we decide to release support for a new macOS either as a minor or major update. If it's the latter, you might need to extend your license. Make sure your license is valid for the latest macOS before making the jump to the latest macOS, and factor in the cost of extending your license. Also, keep in mind that when buying a new Mac, you cannot downgrade macOS to a version that is compatible with your licenses.

Some examples:

All dates and versions in this example are fictional, and for illustration purposes only.

  • Assume you bought a license on June 1, 2019, when Hedge 19.3 is current. On 1-6-2020, your license no longer receives new major updates. It remains eligible for Hedge 20.2, which was released in May 2020. It's also eligible for the macOS update that happened in October 2019, whenever you decide to upgrade your Mac.

  • August 2020, 20.3 is released. To use it, you would need to upgrade.

  • Let's say we found a bug in 20.2 in September 2020 and released a fix for it as a minor: 20.2.1. If you haven't extended your license in the meantime, you'll still receive this update.

  • Then, Apple releases a new macOS on Oct 10, 2020. Your non-extended license does not support it, so you might want to extend now, or chose to ignore the warning.

  • Let's say you extend your license on 1-5-2020 when your license still has 30 days of updates left. Those are taken into account, and your license now receives updates until 1-6-2021.

  • Or, maybe you didn't extend in 2020 at all (which is completely fine by us, by the way). On Jan 30th, 2021 we released 21.1 which has a feature you like to use. When extending that same day, your license is immediately eligible for 21.1 and will receive updates until 30-1-2022.

Note: there's no price difference between upgrading an expired license versus a non-expired license.

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