License Manager

Getting Started

  1. Enter the email address used to purchase your Hedge apps or copy/paste the license key of any Hedge desktop app, then click Request Link.

  2. In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with a magic (secure) link. Click that link to open the Hedge License Manager dashboard in your favorite Web browser.

How to use it

The Hedge License Manager displays a list of all of your purchased Hedge apps.

The Hedge License Manager lists all Hedge app licenses, except:

Locating Activation Numbers / License Keys

Each Hedge app license has its own activation number (or license key). Click Manage next to the desired app to see a list of activation numbers for that app (e.g. ABCD-1234…).

Managing Activations

Viewing Activations

Each Hedge app license has a set number of activations per activation number. (1 activation = 1 computer)

Click Manage next to your listed app. If an activation’s available, you can install and activate the app on another device.

Activations are displayed as (Activations Used) out of (Total Activations Available).

  1. In the Hedge License Manager, copy the app’s activation number.

  2. Launch the desired app.

  3. In the app, go to:

    1. (The App’s Name) > Preferences (macOS) | Settings (Windows) > License… > Activate…

    2. (The App’s Name) > License… > Activate…

  4. Paste the activation number into the field, click Activate, and your app is ready to use.

Adding Activations

If you need to use an app on multiple computers at the same time, you can add an activation to your existing license from the Hedge License Manager:

  1. Click Manage next to your listed app, then Add activations.

  2. Change the quantity (Qty.) to the desired number of needed activations, and complete the checkout.

  3. After downloading and installing the desired app on your other computers, you can activate it with the same activation number.

Resetting Activations

Can’t deactivate your license in-app? Was your computer lost, stolen, or rented-then-returned with an activated Hedge app license? You can Reset activations for your Hedge apps from the Hedge License Manager, which deactivates that license from all computers.

  1. Click Manage next to the desired app, then click the hyperlinked activation number (e.g. ABCD-1234…)

  2. Click Reset activations.

  3. Read Are you sure? If you wish to proceed with deactivation, click That’s ok.

  4. All activations for this Hedge app become available to use.

If your license has more than one activation, you can Deactivate your Hedge app's license from individual computers.

Extending Licenses

All Hedge desktop apps have perpetual licenses (project licenses barred) and include 12 months of free updates and support. Once bought, there's no subscription fee or compulsory upgrade fee, ever.

After that year passes, you can extend your license for another year of updates and support from the Hedge License Manager:

  1. Click Manage next to your listed app, then Extend License.

  2. Once you complete the checkout, you've successfully extended your license.

  3. Quit-then-relaunch your Hedge app to see the license extension take effect.

Upgrade to Pro

Some Hedge apps have a Pro tier set of features. If you need one of these features, click Upgrade to Pro, complete your purchase, and quit-then-relaunch your Hedge app to enable an app's Pro license.

A Pro label will appear at the end of your license key.

Need help?

Having trouble with the Hedge License Manager or need clarification on licensing? Our other Licensing docs will help.


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