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In case you feel you're entitled to a refund, reach out to us. In general, a refund is no problem at all. Asking friendly is a good starting point, and goes a long way in getting a swift response.
A rule of thumb: if your reason for a refund is acceptable to a grocery store, it's acceptable to us. Open a can of tomato sauce, and find it spoiled? Full refund. Return a can of tomato sauce because you didn't end up needing it? You get credit.
Over the years, we've collected some examples:
  • You purchased Hedge, but ran into something preventing you to use Hedge as intended? If we can't help you with your workflow, or need to fix an issue, a refund it is. 99% of the time, we'll fix the issue on the spot, and not just you but all users benefit. Did you go the distance by finding and describing the issue? We'll be super grateful, and you can expect additional months or even years to be added to your license. And a mention in the Release Notes 👏
  • Did you purchase a license "by accident"? Let's be honest, you just changed your mind — and that's completely fine. Please tell us why, OK? We'll refund you if the license hasn't been activated. If you did use your license, you'll receive a credit instead.
  • Purchased, but didn't need it because someone else already had a license? If the license was not activated, we'll refund you. If it was activated, it's a credit.
  • Any license that is not a perpetual license (e.g. a Hedge Fund or a Project License) is not refundable nor creditable.
Subscriptions are a little different:
  • Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any given time, in-app. There is no refund for the remainder of that month. Forgot to cancel your plan, and was charged once without using the app or service? We'll refund the last month of your subscription, provided there has been zero activity in that month. Note: we only do this once per customer.
  • Yearly subscriptions can be canceled at any given time, in-app. We do not refund the remainder for that year. Forgot to cancel on time and got charged for another year? If you didn't log in or use PostLab, and reach out within 7 days we'll refund you.
  • Didn't cancel your trial and were charged once without using the app or service? We'll issue a refund, provided there has been zero activity, and you reach out within 7 days from when you were charged. Note: we do this only once per customer.
  • Decreasing the quantity of a subscription from say, 5 to 2 users or terabytes of storage, credits you with the remainder for those 3 units. The credit is added to your subscription for the remaining 2 units. You will not be charged again until the credit is used.
Have another scenario or circumstance not covered here? Email us, and we'll evaluate your case.

VAT Refunds

Paddle allows you to enter your VAT details when purchasing:
VAT number entry
If you didn't enter your VAT when purchasing, and you'd like a retroactive refund of the VAT, reach out to Paddle directly: [email protected]. Best is to reply to the invoice email, so they'll know which order this concerns. No need to loop us in, Paddle will handle it for you within a few days.

Things that do not help in getting a refund 🤷‍♂️

We get it; wanting a refund gets people a bit worked up. That's perfectly understandable. Don't worry; we'll help you out, and we'll be fast as far as office hours go. Asking friendly helps a lot, and goes a long way in getting a swift response. Oh, and please try not to use too much CAPS LOCK 😁
What definitely does NOT help, is...
  • Demanding a refund, being unfriendly, or even outright aggressive. We're humans, remember?
  • Bombarding us with emails, messages, tweets, and DMs. Sending multiple messages only delays a response as we have to read all those messages first. Just send one email. We're fast repliers.
  • Emailing Paddle instead of us (it will take ages instead of minutes or hours to get a reply...)
  • Using a different email than the one you purchased with. That's a no-go, for security reasons.
  • Not emailing us within a few days of the transaction.
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