Quotes, POs, and invoices

No, we don't have a fax 😁

If your organization requires a quote before purchasing, uses Purchase Orders, or has a formal process to get Hedge approved as a vendor, first get in touch through sales@hedge.video.


Request a formal quote document by emailing to sales@hedge.video. Specify which app(s), amount of activations, and include any other details. We do not issue quote documents for single license purchases. Instead, we'll tell you the price and provide a direct purchase link.

Required Forms

Some parties unfortunately have immense bureacracy and require us to fill out heeps of forms, often for a single license purchase. This is very time consuming, time we prefer spending on talking to customers or working on our products.

So, if your organization requires us to fill out forms to be registered as a vendor, email all required purchasing forms in a single email to sales@hedge.video. If your subsequent order is sub-$1000, a handling fee of $100 per page will be added to your invoice. If we deem it necessary, we will require an upfront commitment.

Alternatively, fill out your forms yourself - details below.

Purchase Orders

POs can be emailed directly to sales@hedge.video, and we'll respond with an invoice, license keys, and payment link. Payment is due in 10 days. When purchasing licenses, make sure to specify the licensee's email.

Do not forget to include lines item in your PO for form handling if you required us to fill out forms, and your order is sub-$1000.


Custom orders, and VAR, partner, or reseller purchases are invoiced with the option to pay by wire transfer or credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro, and have options for alternatives like PayPal.

We do not accept cheques.

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