Operating System Updates

Each license always includes at least 1 year of free updates and customer support.

Just like with cars needing new tires, each macOS and Windows update introduces wear and tear to apps. Not all wear and tear is visible, so even if an old version of an app looks like it's working, we can't be sure unless we keep testing and keeping up the code base. Unfortunately, that's not free; hence, we charge for extending a license.


Every major release (i.e. 22.2, 21.3) that is released within a year of purchasing a license is automatically enabled for your license. This also includes any minor release (i.e. 22.2.1, 21.3.5) that is released in the mean time, and also each minor release that has the same major version number as the last major your license supports - even if released later than a year after purchase.

Older Releases

Even though all previous releases are available for download, only versions less than 1 year old are officially supported.

If you're using an older OS, there's typically no need to use an older version of OffShoot - we ensure backwards compatibility for 4 years of operation system releases. If you purchase a license today, but have hardware that runs an OS that's older than 4 years, you may use an older version of our software, but we will not offer support for it - older OSs often have problems with license activation due to expired security certificates.

To ensure optimal security, for PostLab Cloud only the latest version is supported.

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