Migration Guide

This document describes the factual process of migrating from PostLab Classic to PostLab 2.0. Not sure if you need to migrate? Read our Migration blog first.

Migrating from PostLab Classic to PostLab 2.0 is not hard, but it requires some considerations:

  • You need to replace Drive with a different service, like LucidLink, Amove, or Suite.

  • Make sure all team members have installed PostLab 2.0, and activated it using the license they either purchased themselves or you provided to them.

  • Starting with PostLab 2.0 is a clean slate, so keep the following in mind:

    • Your historic PostLab Classic data won't automatically be carried over into PostLab 2.0.

    • We offer a one-click solution for exporting the latest version of all you FCP and Premiere Pro Documents from PostLab Classic.

    • PostLab 2.0 currently doesn't have a bulk import functionality, so only import what you need.

    • Drive migration is a manual process, which depends on your desires.

Download Documents from PostLab Classic

  • First, make sure you have updated PostLab Classic - download the latest release here if needed.

  • Download all Documents as described here.

Now, you have a full local backup of all your Documents.

Migrate data from Drive

If you have used Drive to share media and assets, you'll need to move that data to a new location. To do so, you can either use built-in Sync feature, or OffShoot, our media management app.

If you're continuing to work as a remote team, it's easiest to replace Drive with LucidLink. Sign up for a LucidLink trial using this link, create a Filespace, and install their client.

As an example, here's how to use OffShoot to migrate the data from your Drive to another location. Whether that's your new LucidLink filespace or a different location, the process is identical.

  • Download and install OffShoot

  • Start the free 10-day trial

  • Set PostLab Drive as a Source, and your preferred new location as Destination

    • If you migrate directly from Drive to a new LucidLink Filespace, the transfer will likely fail at some point. This is expected, and caused by cache management. Simply hit the "Restart" button in OffShoot, and continue.

  • Click "Add Transfer"

Importing Final Cut Pro Libraries

There's currently no bulk import available. In a Collection, use the + Add Document button to add your Final Cut Pro libraries.

Import Premiere Pro Projects

Premiere Pro projects are not yet supported in PostLab 2.0, but soon will be. Until then, it's best to store you Premiere Pro projects on your new LucidLink Filespace.

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