Final Cut Pro

Initial Workflow Checklist

  • Add or Import a Library (.fcpbundle) as a Document.

  • Set Library Storage Locations.

    • With Postlab, nothing goes inside a FCP Library.

    • Media - a destination folder on high-performance local or shared storage (i.e. Postlab Drive).

    • Motion Content - In Motion Templates folder

    • Cache - a destination folder on high-performance local storage.

      • Note: Do not store on shared storage, whether it's network attached storage (NAS) or cloud storage (e.g. Postlab Drive).

    • Backups - Final Cut Backups

      • Libraries uploaded to Postlab Cloud in your Production become a stack of versions you can revert to.

  • Import Original Media / Camera Source with "Leave files in place"

  • Create / Relink to Proxy Media on Postlab Drive.

  • Create a Primary Library...

    • To hand off work among Team Members with different responsibilities.

Advanced Workflow Options

  • Create a Primary Library...

    • As a Central Source of Truth for a larger piece of work.

  • Create Secondary Libraries...

    • To assign work to Team Members with different roles.

    • To divide a large piece of work into smaller pieces of work:

      • By Video in a Series

      • By Episode

      • By Reel

      • By Scene

  • Use the Merge Workflow Extension to unify metadata among Primary and Secondary Libraries.