Instead of using Drive's storage back-end, we also offer you to use one of your own: Bring Your Own S3.

This is mainly useful for companies that already have an S3 account, and where adding a few more TBs isn't much of a deal.

Drive supports most S3-compatible platform like AWS, Backblaze, and Wasabi. Reach out to be sure.


First, reach out to us 🙂

To link Drive to your own S3, we'll need some information and credentials:

  • Location

  • Access key

  • Secret key

Then, a dedicated bucket for Drive is created by us, and available from within Postlab.

Some things to keep in mind before jumping on:

  • Drive uses Wasabi as its back-end, but don't be fooled into thinking it will have the same performance. Off-the-shelf Wasabi is not the same as our Wasabi, as we have special tier deal with them for better performance. Depending on which codecs you play back from the cloud, it might make sense to use our Drive back-end for some of your projects. Your Wasabi has a 90-day retention policy, Drive doesn't.

  • You cannot use the Drive bucket for something else, and you also cannot access the files directly through a S3-API. Because Drive's block-based, each object represents a tiny part of each file, and you'll need Drive to recombine those blocks into files - not unlike a SAN Initiator.

  • BYOS3 is a yearly commitment with a 1TB minimum. When you exceed the 1TB mark, another TB is added to the plan. This is of course prorated, so no surprises there.

On Premise S3

It's also possible to use in-house object storage with Drive. This requires a commitment of 100TB, and of course a physical object storage server. For details, reach out.