Drop Off

Drop Off lets you designate a folder on Drive where non-Postlab users can upload data into, through our Drop Off service. Drop Off uploads can be done both on desktops, as on iOS and Android.

Creating a Drop Off link

Inside a Production, go to Drive:

If you haven't done so yet, create a Bookmark:

Then, click the Drop Off inbox icon:

Drop Off

Set the duration for which you want the link to be valid:

Copy the generated Drop Off link:

Send it to the person that should be uploading files into your Drive:

There is no file limit, but for large files we do recommend not using Safari as it tends to reload itself after a while. Chrome and Firefox are better in handling large files.

When the Drop Off is done, you'll receive an email, and then the files are available in the folder your specified. As long as the link hasn't expired, it can be reused - no need to create new links for each upload.