With a Hedge Pro license, you'll have even more power and control over Hedge's key features.
Interested in a Hedge Pro license? Reach out: [email protected]
  • ASC MHLs Enable support for the American Society of Cinematographers Media Hash Lists format, the new standard for verifying file integrity in high-end production and post-production environments.
  • Pro Presets Gain executive control over how sources are offloaded and what metadata is required. You can also create Pro presets online for easy distribution.
  • Clip Review Beta Check and add metadata per clip and per preset – ideal for metadata-driven workflows.
  • Iconik Presets Control iconik sidecar creation per preset.
  • Hedge API Automate transfers, remotely set or modify settings, and control licenses.
  • Hedge Helper MacOS only Automatically set up Hedge with a specific configuration.
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