Hedge menu bar app

Set destinations example

This example shows how to build a custom Hedge menu bar app (using Bitbar app) that can trigger Hedge API calls.

If you have any questions about this plugin, let us know

  • Download Bitbar here.

  • Download the Hedge menu plugin 👇

  • Run the Bitbar app and point it to the "plugins" folder you just downloaded.

  • A Hedge menu should appear (see screenshot).

  • In Finder, navigate to plugins/hedge-menu/hedge-menu.applescript plugins/hedge-menu/hedge-menu.applescriptand open the file in (a) script editor

  • Edit the settings and save the file

-- SETTINGS ------------------------------------------------
set menuActions to { ¬
{ menuLabel: "Set Project X", destinationPaths: { "/Volumes/T1/Project X", "/Volumes/T2/Project X" }}, ¬
{ menuLabel: "Set Project Y", destinationPaths: { "/Volumes/T1/Project Y", "/Volumes/T2/Project Y" }}, ¬
{ menuLabel: "Set Project Z", destinationPaths: { "/Volumes/T1/Project Z", "/Volumes/T2/Project Z" }} ¬
  • Refresh the plugin via the menu > Hedge > Preferences > Refresh