Legacy Mimiq

Legacy Mimiq licenses purchased and issued by Hedge are provided without additional support beyond this article. The Support section in the Legacy Mimiq (User Manual) is also invalid and should not be used. However, if you purchased Mimiq before July 2022, support is still available for the duration of your licensing period here: [email protected]

Getting Started

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    Download Legacy Mimiq: https://resources.indiestor.com
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    Follow the steps in the Legacy Mimiq (User Manual) to prepare your workstations, install Legacy Mimiq, and activate it with your license file.

Request a Legacy Mimiq License

Request a Legacy Mimiq license here: [email protected]. You can either email us from the address used to purchase Mimiq, or send us a proof of purchase.
Once we confirm your Mimiq purchase, send us the MAC address (physical address) of the active network adaptor you’ll use in your Avid environment. We’ll generate and email a license file to you, which you’ll use to activate Legacy Mimiq.


Which file shares are supported in Legacy Mimiq?

SMB and AFP.

Can I use Mimiq and Legacy Mimiq in the same environment?


Can I transfer Legacy Mimiq to another computer?

No. Legacy Mimiq licenses (issued by Hedge) are tied to a specific MAC address which you may not transfer to another computer.

How long is a Legacy Mimiq license valid?

A Legacy Mimiq license is valid for one year from the time we issue your license file. We recommend using that year to migrate to a supported, updated, qualified combo of Media Composer and your operating system, where you can continue working with a current version of Mimiq.
  • Since a license is tied to a specific MAC address, you may not transfer it to another computer.
  • Since it’s a legacy offering, we provide Legacy Mimiq without support.

How long will you offer Legacy Mimiq license requests?

You may no longer request Legacy Mimiq licenses after December 31, 2023. Any license requested before then will continue to be active for one year from when we issue your license file.

Where can I find answers on general Mimiq setup and deployment?