How many computers can I activate with my license?

Each license comes with at least 2 activations. If you have multiple seats, each additional seat allows for 1 more activation.

When activating a 3rd computer, you will be told you've run out of activations. To solve this, deactivate your license on your other machines or add a seat.

If for some reason you're unable to deactivate your license (due to reinstalling your OS for instance), we can of course help you out by resetting your license. Just shoot us an email to do so.

How can I deactivate my license?

  • open Preferences (Command+,)

  • Go to the License panel

  • Click Deactivate...and confirm.

  • Click the downward chevron next to Hedge in the top left

  • Select Settings...

  • Click Deactivate...

If needed, we can always help you out by remotely resetting the activations on your license. Just shoot us an email.