On how many computers may I activate Hedge apps?

Each license activates up to 2 computers, as long as you use the app on only one machine at a time. If you need to use an app on multiple computers at the same time, you can add a seat to your existing license at a 20% discount. Each extra seat allows for 1 more activation.

Can I activate Hedge apps offline?

No, this is currently not possible. However, if your organization requires this get in touch to discuss as we do have options available.

Can I use Hedge apps offline?

Yes, there is no need to be online for our apps to work. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Updating offline (by downloading a new app from the website) works as long as it is a minor update (1.2.3 > 1.2.4)

  • Major updates (1.2 > 1.3) require a online license check. If you distribute a new version to offline machines, you'll see a notice that your license is outdated.

Activating does not work?

If you get the error Cannot reach server, make sure your computer can reach our activation and update server:

Please contact u at if this issue persists.