By default, Hedge uses minimal resources and thus runs on most Macs and PCs without issues. Any Mac or PC you can buy today will do fine.
Severe limitations in CPU and RAM might slow down transfers at some point, but in general, such computers also have other bottlenecks that impact interconnectivity (old USB standards, slow network connections, etc).
In two cases, Hedge requires more RAM and/or CPU than nominal: huge transfers, and huge MHLs.


When Checkpoint is enabled Hedge looks for, and parses, all Media Hash Lists (MHLs) on a Source. This is called MHL Awareness, and allows Hedge to verify against original checksums, speeding up the transfer as it saves you from an additional source read operation. This process takes place during the Preparing... state of the Transfer and will use all available CPU power to accelerate it. When the transfer starts, CPU usage will return to normal; transfers themselves are not CPU-intensive at all.


As MHLs contain XML structures, any MHLs present on a Source will have to be kept in RAM for the duration of the transfer. A 100MB MHL describes about 250K files, and takes up ~1GB RAM.
Very large transfers also require more then nominal RAM. A source that contains a very large number of files requires more resources as its index and metadata have to be kept in RAM for duplicate detection and MHL Awareness. Rule of thumb: 1 million files take up to ~3GB RAM.
Are you transferring not a lot of files, but still find the Preparing... phase to take minutes? Do a Smart Search in Finder to locate orphaned MHLs, and delete or move them so that Hedge won't parse them.

Which OS versions does Hedge currently support?

The current release of Hedge works on macOS 10.15 and newer. This includes 13 Ventura.
It is possible to run the current Hedge on macOS 10.14, but we do not offer support for it. If you're on an even older OS, you can try these unsupported releases:
  • The most recent version of Hedge to work on 10.14 is 22.3.2​
  • The most recent version of Hedge to work on 10.13 is 21.2.3.
  • The most recent version of Hedge to work on 10.12 is 20.3.2.
Hedge does not work on macOS 10.11 or older OSs.
The current release of Hedge supports Windows 10 and 11.
It is possible to run Hedge on Windows 7, but do not offer support for it.

Is Hedge compatible with Apple silicon (M1)?

As of version 20.4.2, Hedge is natively compatible with Apple silicon (e.g. M1 Mac's). You can update Hedge in-app, or download the latest release here. If your license is not eligible for 20.4.2 upgrade your license first.
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