OffShoot Beta

All OffShoot Beta testing cycles are now closed.
At NAB 2023, we announced Hedge (the app) will now be known as OffShoot, and a new OffShoot Pro license would also be available.
Before those are publicly released, OffShoot is available to those who signed up and qualified to join the Hedge Beta Program. OffShoot Beta provides access to the latest upcoming features while feedback from Hedge Beta Program members guides our development leading up to OffShoot's public release.
Missed our emails and want to be a part of the beta track? Sign up for the Hedge Beta Program.

What's new

  • Connect 3.0 Follow your transfers and get push notifications with the new Connect web platform. Learn more...
  • Amazon S3 A new Pro integration that enables checksum-verified transfers straight into Amazon S3. Learn more...
  • Codex 7 Our Codex integration is now a Pro feature, supporting Codex Device Manager 7 and duplicate detection.
  • Floating Licenses
While OffShoot Beta is available, we will issue continual fixes and improvements. Be sure to Check for updates in-app often.


What do you want me to test?

Please check the testing instructions for:

Can I run the OffShoot Beta alongside my current Hedge app?

Yes. Using OffShoot Beta won't interfere with your current Hedge application or license. You can run Hedge in parallel with OffShoot Beta, keeping your existing workflow free from disruption.

Why don't I see my Hedge presets in OffShoot Beta?

OffShoot Beta is a separate app, meaning any existing presets, or transfer logs from Hedge will not be available to OffShoot during the Beta. If you require these presets for use in OffShoot Beta, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    In OffShoot Beta, go to Settings > Organize, change some settings, and save the preset.
  2. 2.
    Click the Preset dropdown and choose Manage Presets; this opens a Finder window called Presets.
  3. 3.
    In Hedge, go to Settings > Organize > Preset > Manage Presets.
  4. 4.
    Copy/paste the presets you want to the OffShoot Beta Presets folder.

I don't have a Pro license. Can I still test the Pro features?

Yes, your OffShoot Beta license gives you access to OffShoot Pro.
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