Hedge on the iPad: https://hedge.video/download/mono/ios

What will be the full price once officially released?

The full price for Mono will be $69.

Will it be possible to copy from/to multiple disks simultaneously, with a USB-C hub?

Mono is for now limited to a single source and two destinations, as the iPad doesn't really pack the punch to do more. We're testing all iPad models, and if it becomes feasible to add more than one source or more than two destinations, we'll definitely add the possibility.

If I copy an SD card to the iPad's internal storage, can I then copy that to an external HDD afterward?


If I copy for example RAW photos from an SD, could these be previewed and imported in the iPad camera roll?

For that, you'd need to add them to your Camera Roll first, and make sure the iPad supports the format you are using. Don't bet on a lot of codec support from Apple on iPadOS.

Can I use Mono for camera X?

Rule of thumb: if reading a media card on a Mac requires a driver, it won't work on iPads. Examples of non-compatible media are Codex and Sony SxS media.

Are the copied files available within the Files app? Or Photos? Or only seen and managed from within Mono itself?

All within Files, and none within Mono. We still don't do vendor lock-ins 😁

Can Mono handle folders too? Or only drives as a source?

Folders too, and even files - just like with Hedge.

Will duplicate detection be available?

Yes, although not as deep as Hedge's dupe detection as the iPad doesn't reliably allow for modification date comparisons. Thus, dupes are checked for filename, size, and of course file path.
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