Hedge's iconik integration automatically generates iconik sidecar files for transferred clips.

  • Hedge 22.2 or newer
Use the iconik Storage Gateway app to connect your on-premise storage with iconik in the cloud.

First, enable the integration:
  • Preferences > Integrations (macOS)
  • Settings > Integrations (Windows)
Next, specify which Destination and file extensions Hedge will use to include in your iconik sidecars.

List one or more Destinations that Hedge will create your iconik sidecars on. If you don't specify a Destination, sidecar files are created on all Destinations.
There are two ways to specify a Destination:
  1. 1.
    By volume name, e.g. RAID
  2. 2.
    By folder path. Use wildcards (*) for more flexibility, e.g. */proxies
Add multiple Destinations by separating them with a semicolon:
Backup 1;Backup 2;Backup 3

Adding file extensions narrows down which files Hedge will include in your iconik sidecars.
Add multiple extensions by separating them with a semicolon:
Include Elements:
Finally, tell Hedge which Elements to include in your iconik sidecars:
{Source Name}{Location}{Shoot date}
Hedge will ignore any unknown Elements during sidecar generation.

Email [email protected] if you are interested in a Hedge Pro license, or check all pro features here.
Hedge Pro users can define preset-specific iconik settings as follows:
"iconikSidecarElements" : [ "{ProjectID}", "{Project}", "{Season}", "{Date}", "{Camera}", "{Card}", "{Type}" ],
"iconikSidecarExtensions" : [".R3D",".MOV"],
"iconikSidecarDestinations" : ["Backup 1","Backup 2"]
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