Whilst a deep integration between Hedge and EditReady is being worked on, here's how to integrate both apps using Hedge's Scripting feature and EditReady's command line options as described inAdvanced Features.

Automatically create proxies with EditReady

This script creates proxies using EditReady. It can be used standalone or with Hedge's File Copy Completed event.‌
  • The EditReady app (version 22.1 or newer) must be located in the /Applications folder. If not, this script won't run.
  • EditReady does not allow this script to set additional options.
  • EditReady does not allow this script to set metadata options
  • This script can run standalone or with Hedge's File Copy Completed event.
With Hedge
  • Add the script to the File Copy Completed event in Hedge's Preferences > Scripting pane.
  • When a transfer completes, the script is executed and checks if the transfer was successful, and then creates proxies.
Without Hedge
  • Run the script from the Script Editor app.
  • The script will ask to select a source folder.
  • Wait for the script to finish, as it might take a while when processing a large number of files.


Note: -- and all that follows is a comment.
‌set fileExtention to "mov" -- i.e. "mov" (NOT case sensitive)
set usePreset to "ask" -- auto/ask
set manualPreset to false -- either false or specify a path like "/Users/hedgeUser/Library/Application Support/EditReady/MyPreset.erpreset"
set theProxyFolder to "auto" -- auto/ask
set showNotifications to true -- true/false
To use a custom preset with this script, open the script within Script Editor.
Set the usePreset line to auto, and update the manualPreset line to the path for your custom preset. To verify the preset path, go to Finder and enter Shift-Command-G. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/EditReady and press return. You'll be presented with a list of all of your custom presets.
set usePreset to "auto"
set manualPreset to "/Users/hedgeUser/Library/Application Support/EditReady/MyPreset.erpreset"


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