Hedge's Codex integration features a tailor-made copy engine for Codex media built in close collaboration with Codex. It supports transfers of High Density Encoded (HDE) clips.


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    Hedge 19.2 or newer (macOS only)

How to use

If Codex Device Manager is installed, the integration is always active and fully automatic. Once you connect your Codex media, Hedge will detect it and check if you are running a compatible version of the Codex Device Manager.
19.4 - 20.4.3
5.1.0 and 5.1.1
19.4.7 - 20.4.2
20.4.3 - 21.3
21.3.1 - 22.2.1
22.2.2 and newer
22.3 and newer
Please reach out
Due to Codex HDE limitations, duplicate detection is not available for .arx files.
Codex disks work with dynamic VFS volumes. After the Codex driver has mounted the disk, it takes a while for the file system to be populated. The duration depends on the performance of your computer, and how much content is living on the disk.
When transferring a Codex drive, the Codex integration verifies Codex transfers for completeness, checking Source contents at the beginning and end of each transfer. If inconsistencies are detected, you will be prompted with an Incomplete Codex Disk Detected alert, with an option to fix the issue.