On how many computers may I activate Hedge apps?

Each Single License (also known as Personal License) activates up to 2 computers, Mimiq excepted. The second activations acts as an Emergency Activation and is not meant to be used when the other activation is in use.
If you need to use an app on multiple computers simultaneously, you can add a seat to your existing license at a discount. Each extra seat allows for 1 more activation, which can be used at the same time as the other activations


To allow people without a license to learn Hedge, create presets, and more, Hedge limits transfers to 1GB when used unlicensed.
If you already have a license, click the blue ribbon, then click "Already have a license?" and enter your license key.
If you are seeing this ribbon, but have a license your computer was likely remote deactivated using the License Manager. If so, you can simply re-activate your machine per the above instructions.

I'm getting an Activation Error

Check if the Activation alert shows the old Hedge icon depicted below:
Legacy Hedge, with old app icon.
Yes? This means you are using a legacy version of Hedge. Legacy Hedge versions only work with license keys starting with id... . If you have a license key in the form of ABCD-EFGH-... you need to download a newer version first.

Can I use Hedge apps offline?

Yes, there is no need to be online for our apps to work. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Updating offline (by downloading a new app from the website) works as long as it is a minor update (E.g.1.2.3 > 1.2.4)
  • Major updates (E.g. 1.2 > 1.3) require an online license check. If you distribute a new version to offline machines, you'll get a notice that your license is outdated and needs to go online to be verified.

Can I activate Hedge apps offline?

Offline activations are available to Site License customers, as a paid add-on. If your organization requires offline activation get in touch to discuss the options.

I'm getting "Cannot reach server" when activating.

If you get the error Cannot reach server, make sure your computer can reach our activation and update server:
Note that we do not list IP addresses, as today's internet does not rely on persistent IPs. If your firewall doesn't support domains, it's not secure.
If you are using macOS 10.14 or older, this alert is caused by the presence of an expired Root Certificate on your Mac. This certificate expired on Sept 30th, 2021. To fix this, manually remove the certificate from the Root CA Store. Here's how to do that: