Logs & Manifests

Canister creates a range of log files for archival purposes, and console output for troubleshooting.

Transfer Logs

For each Transfer, whether it's an archive or retrieve, a Transfer Log is created. All Transfer Logs are saved locally, and accessible through the Transfer Log viewer (Command-L) or directly in Finder:
~/Library/Application Support/Canister/Transfer Logs


To create a manifest of a tape, containing paths and names of all files stored, use Create Manifest option in the LTO disk menu. The manifest will be created locally:
~/Library/Application Support/Canister/Manifests

Canister's Console

Besides logs, all continuous Canister and LTFS action is recorded in a console log. This console output is essential to tackle issues with tapes, drives, and drivers. Access the console with Shift-Command-C. Text is selectable, and also searchable (Command-F).
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