Each time a tape is mounted, Canister will create a Catalog for it. Canister Catalogs are special folders containing tiny stubs for each file on your tape, and are mounted as a read-only virtual drive each time Canister opens.

LTO Archive

When Canister is open, all Catalogs are available as a virtual drive called LTO Archive. This requires a driver installation which Canister will prompt for. If not, download the installer directly from our servers. To access catalogs without a virtual drive, Alt-Click the Catalog icon in Canister (top-right).

Catalog History

As Canister creates a Catalog when mounting a tape, which is updated after each Archive, old Catalogs are archived as well and moved into a hidden folder named LTO Tape (serial).history
To see previous generations of your Catalogs, enable Show Hidden Files in Finder with the shortcut Shift-Command-.

Editing and removing Catalogs

To clean up the Catalog, or remove for instance test entries, you can open the original location where the stubs are saved by Alt/Option-Clicking the Catalog icon in Canister. This will open Finder in ~/Library/Application Support/Canister/Catalogs.

Retrieving files using Catalogs

Currently, it's not yet possible to use Catalogs to tell Canister which files to retrieve. This is on the roadmap, together with importing and exporting of Catalogs.
Last modified 5mo ago