EditReady Server enables headless workflows for tasks such as automated ingest and proxy generation for asset managers.

How to use

  1. 2.
    Activate with your EditReady Server license key (or use the trial mode)
  2. 3.
    Run your CLI commands


Using EditReady Server unlicensed is limited to transcoding the first minute of each clip. Reach out to [email protected] for a free 10-day trial license.


/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/EditReady\ Server --registration "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"
(De)activation can be managed in the License Manager.


/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/EditReady\ Server -h
-r, --registration License key
-s, --sourceFile Path to Source File or Folder
-d, --destFile Path to Destination Folder
-p, --preset Path to the preset file
-m, --metadataDestination Path to Metadat XML file
-i, --ignoreWarnings Ignore Warnings
-u, --showUserInterface Show User Interface
-f, --filterFile Filter File from Group
-t, --generateThumbs Create Thumbs
-x, --thumbSize Max dimension For thumbs (default 320)
-v, --thumbInterval Min time between thumbs (seconds)
-c, --thumbCount Max thumbnail count
-l, --logginglevel Logging level {error/warning/info} (default error)
-h, --help Show this message

Convert Media

/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/EditReady\ Server \
--sourceFile '$FileOrFolderPath' \
--destFile '$folderPath' \
--preset '/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/Resources/Apple ProRes 422 (proxy).erpreset'
It's possible to use multiple -s flags in one command.
Progress Example
STATUS: {"clip": "/Volumes/DRIVE-12TB/_BLACKMAGIC/A001_10031156_C006.braw", "action": "transcode", "destination": "/path/to/destinationFolder", "progress": "0.0000234"}
Metadata XML example
<clipItem baseClip="/Volumes/DRIVE-12TB/_BLACKMAGIC/A001_10031156_C006.braw" outputClip="/Users/jeroendejong/Movies/EditReady/A001_10031156_C006.mov">
<commonElement commonKey="day_night">
<metadataElement key="day_night" keyspace="mdta">day</metadataElement>

Generating Stills

/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/EditReady\ Server \
--sourceFile '$filePath' \
--destFile '$folderPath' \
--generateThumbs \
--thumbSize 1024 \
--thumbInterval 1
/Applications/EditReady\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/EditReady\ Server \
--sourceFile '$filePath' \
--destFile '$folderPath' \
--generateThumbs \
--thumbSize 1024 \
--thumbCount 3

Iconik ISG

Iconik has an EditReady Server integration available for ISG. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested.