The one that added Drive Early Access

🚨 If you're on a beta, be sure to remove it before installing this regular release!

🎉 Drive - Early Access Your own Shared Storage, in the cloud. Included with every Pro and Team plan, and during Early Access only available for non-trialing users. Read all about Drive here 👉 https://hedge.video/drive

⭐️ Drive Did we already mention Drive? It's so awesome it deserves a second mention. Edit straight from the cloud, without the need of downloading your footage first. #GameChanger

🔖 Bookmarks Bookmark folders on your Drive to quickly point your co-workers to where they can find assets for a specific production. No more "Hey Joe, where's that still on our Drive?"

🏢 Postlab Local Postlab, on-premise. Run your own server, in your own network, with your own hardware. Reach out for details and pricing.

✉️ Log in with your email. That's it. Log in with your email.

🐟 Documents, no more. Fond of using Documents? It's being replaced by Drive. Stored files can still be downloaded, and we suggest you move them to Drive.

✨ Changes

  • Nice and shiny Postlab folder icon

  • The new default Postlab folder location is ~/Postlab

  • The default Drive Cache location for new users is ~/Postlab/Drive

  • Shuffle time! Applications like FCPX and PPro are now dubbed Documents.

    🙏 A big shout out to all our Drive beta testers!