Media Management

One of the most tedious tasks when collaborating on video productions is relinking media. So how do you prevent having to do that?

Most Postlab users tackle this by having identically named storage, and using Postlab to track and manage libraries. As long as the file paths for the media are the same on all workstations, there’s no relinking needed at all. Postlab will tell you before opening a library if all media has been found locally.

Postlab tells you if all media has been found locally.

Shared storage If all collaborators have access to the same physical storage, be sure that everybody uses the same mount point. That means: mount the same shared folder under the same mount name on all workstations.

Internet-connected solutions Are all workstations connected to the internet? Then you can sync media using an online file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Resilio Sync. Be sure to use the same mount point on all workstations, for example in /Users/Shared/, or on external drives with the same volume name.

Other situations Don't have shared storage and is syncing via the internet not an option? Then send all editors an external drive with the same file structure and volume name.