Trials & Purchases

Most purchases of Hedge products, including Postlab, are handled by Paddle. Paddle acts as a merchant of record, meaning they are the entity you buy a product from. For support and information on your license, please reach out to us directly, as Paddle cannot help you with that.


All Hedge products have a lenghty, and fully featured trial period. Before you purchase a product from us, make sure you have used the products, to make sure it works in your particular setup. If you run into issues, or have questions during the trial, feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to extend a trial if needed.


In case you feel you're entitled to a refund, please reach out to us, instead of to Paddle. We will work with you in identifying your issue, and if present since purchase, and not solveable in short term, we are happy to refund you your purchase. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any given time, in-app. We do not refund the remainder.

Project licenses are non-refundable.