It's possible to transfer a license to someone else after purchase, provided the license is still eligible for upgrades. To do so, email us from the address used to purchase with, and include the license key.
If a license is no longer eligible for updates (i.e. purchased or last upgraded more than 365 days ago), upgrade the license first, and then email us about the transfer. If you prefer the new licensee to pay for the upgrade, reach out with said details, and we'll create a custom order link.
Why require an upgrade, you ask? When transferring a license to someone, that person tends to be new to Hedge. Starting with a legacy Hedge as the license isn't valid for the latest version is going to be a suboptimal experience. That's why we want new users to always start on the newest Hedge. Then, if a user needs help, we can be sure we and the user are not chased down a rabbit hole by something that has been fixed or improved upon long ago.
Last modified 2mo ago
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